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Sales Recruiters Dallas is the top sales recruitment firm in Dallas, TX. Highly skilled and experienced in connecting top sales talent to top companies. We are specialized in the recruitment of sales professionals throughout the DFW area. Our sales headhunters have been helping organizations gain a competitive recruiter advantage.


Find Your New Salesperson

With over three decades of sales recruiting experience, we have all the skill necessary to help you fill your sales team with only the best salespeople.

Our unique, hands-on approach gets results every time. Let us help you find the perfect candidate for your company’s sales team.


Find Your Next Sales Position

Let us help you find a sales job you can grow and excel in. With access to top companies in the Dallas area, we can help you find the perfect role for your skills, experience and personality.

Send in your resume or browse available job openings to get started finding your ideal sales job and company. We can’t wait to help you get the job offer of a lifetime.

Why Us

Top Dallas Sales Recruitment Firm

Why should you choose Sales Recruiters Dallas? Simply put: we’re the best.

But to delve a bit further, it’s because of our personalized approach to matching candidates and companies. We don’t want to just throw any old candidate into a job. That’s not a recipe for success.

Instead, our methodology helps us perfectly align the right candidate with the right company, helping our clients build the ultimate sales team and our candidates feel right at home in their new role.

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Who We Are

Sales Recruiters & Executive Headhunters DFW

Sales Recruiters Dallas is the top sales recruitment firm in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. We’ve perfected the formula for matching top sales talent with top companies again and again. Our Dallas sales headhunters deliver top talent to fill your sales jobs.

Learn more about what we stand for and why we’re the leading sales recruiting agency in Dallas, TX.

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Who We've Worked With

Al and the team at Sales Recruiters Dallas are just what we needed. Concise service with personality, and his industry knowledge is second to none. You know you’ve got a good recruiter when you feel like you’ve known them for years. Could not recommend Al and his team enough. Thank you!

FMCG Client HR Manager

Finding Sales candidates, natural sales candidates, is almost impossible. SRD did everything and more: they provided some great candidates, they prepared them well, there were no questions about the quality of the candidates. 10/10 recruitment service!


Professional, fast, efficient, and great value for money. Sales Recruiters Dallas provided realistic expectations and at every stage of the recruitment journey they were communicative. They are just what you need when you need a professional to set you an ease, and Al and his team prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that good recruitment is worth every penny.

Telecoms Client

Al Meyer is an incredible recruiter. He knows his market, he knows what draws good candidates, he knows how to handle the pressure of hiring quickly and getting it right first time. He’s a recruitment artist.

Sales and Marketing Agency Manager

In our search for a recruitment partner, we considered going for a generalist recruiter, and came across Al through the fact he’s one of the very few specialist Sales Recruiters of note in the city. His team are Sales pro’s. Their network is (seemingly) inexhaustible and they know just how to prepare a candidate for interview, better than anyone we’ve worked with in a long time. You can tell they genuinely like what they do, as recruiters, and they’re obsessed with detail. I can’t fault them in any way, spot on recruitment service and we will definitely work with them again in future.

FinTech Owner

Probably one of the best recruiters I’ve worked with - passionate about what they do, patient, hard working, communicative, you name it, they do it. Above all, they set the right expectation. They didn’t sit there and promise the world, they just worked diligently and got the job done, exactly to spec. Very happy client!

Manufacturing Sales Manager

I’ve been struggling for a while to find the right recruiter to take on my resume and get me a new job - I’m an established Sales Manager, with a pretty diverse working history, but I was seeking something with balance: I’m a young parent, I want to balance my love of work with my love of family, and Al and his team delivered. I’ve been in my new Sales Manager job for a few weeks now and it’s like I’ve been here forever. Thank you!

Sales Manager (and proud Father!)

The Sales Recruiters Dallas Team are wonderful: they’re kind, they take care of you, they’re not pushy or sales-like or anything, they’re just great. I’m proud to say I found my first, full time, professional Sales role with a company I love, and it’s all down to Al and his company. I’ve recommended them to everyone I know!

Graduate Sales Professional

I’ve recently just moved back to Dallas and Al was the first recruiter I rang - I didn’t need to call any others. You just get a feeling someone understands you from a single phone call, and they gave me all the tools I needed to get a good Sales role: they provided great resume advice, they helped me prep for interviews, they actually just improved my confidence. Thanks Al, you saved me!

Part Time Sales Executive

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